For the 2020 season, stay up to date with the latest information on our efforts to safely schedule races. We will continue to post updates to this page.

We are posting registration information here. Please keep checking as events are added and play close attention to registration and safety requirements.

July 2, 2020

With Gov. Baker’s announcement that Phase 3 will begin on Monday, July 6, we are anticipating racing for Edmonds Trophy on July 11, but we are waiting for official announcement from Commonwealth (which we expect Monday) that sailboat racing is permitted in Phase 3. We will provide updates when we have them

June 30, 2020

To members of WSCA:
This morning, we gathered on a zoom call to discuss a few topics regarding the upcoming season.

  1. We are currently in Commonwealth of Massachusetts Phase 2 – which includes “no organized sailboat racing.” We expect that restriction to be lifted in Phase 3 which is currently scheduled to begin July 6 (but is subject to change by Gov. Baker).
  2. WYC has offered to run races once we enter Phase 3 – Following our call this morning, I spoke to Commodore Mike Benoit of WYC who expressed confidence that Peter Creedon and staff are ready to run races once we enter Phase 3 (July 6?) and sailboat racing is permitted by the Commonwealth.
  3. Schedule of races – On the call this morning, we all agreed, except for the Edmonds and Lincoln, it would be ideal to schedule one race per weekend (Saturday), beginning July 18 and running through August 22. We could schedule an additional race Labor Day weekend if there is interest. If we have bad weather on a Saturday, we will likely look towards racing on Sunday.
  4. Trophies – Current thinking is that the Edmonds race be scheduled for July 11 and then we hold individual Cup races for each of the following weekends (so, we race for Steere, Fallon, Sinclair, etc. on successive weekends). We will race for these trophies individually; we are not aggregating points for Scudder Cup.
  5. Format of races – Plan is to maintain format of past years: 2-3 races per day for Edmonds and Lincoln; one long race for each of the other weekends (2-1/2 hours).
  6. Location of races – To accommodate sailors from points east of Wianno, racing area will be located on waters off the Wianno Club.
  7. Insurance – WYC may ask all skippers to sign waivers in advance of racing.
  8. Long Distance Race – depending on interest, we may organize a distance race (and award the Hinkle Trophy) sometime during the summer.

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Thanks to all the volunteers and class members working hard to coordinate efforts and stay up to date on the latest guidelines.