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Annual dues are $25.00

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Membership in the Association is open to anyone interested in the Class upon the payment of annual dues of $25. Voting at meetings of the Association is restricted to one vote for each Wianno Senior enrolled in the Association, regardless of the number of owners or crew members associated with such yacht who are members of the Association. The affairs of the Class Association are managed by a Board of Governors currently consisting of nine members. Governors serve three-year terms, with one-third of the Governors being up for election each year. A more detailed description of membership and government matters is set fourth in the Constitution and By-laws.

List of Members August 11, 2023

Anderson, Karl  
Anschutz, Mark  
Bartlett, James P.  
Benoit, Michael  
Bideau, Christoph  
Blum, Benjamin  
Blum, Geoffrey  
Bridget Marcellino  
Cain, Kevin  
Cassidy, Hank  
Childs, Carol  
Churchill, Liza  
Classen, Conrad  
Coakley, Joseph  
Corbett, Patrick  
Crawford, Rick  
Crosby, Ned  
Crosby, Malcolm M.  
EM Crosby Boatworks  
Downey, Charles  
Dempsey, Greg  
Doyle, Scott  
Dunne, Michael  
Edmonds, Holly  
Egan, Bradford  
Fallon, John  
Fitzgerald, Patrick  
Fraser, Peter  
Frazee, Robert  
Frazee, Richard  
Fulham, Mary  
Fulham, Timothy W.  
Gilbert, Alan A.  
Grayson, Stan  
Hamilton, Jack  
Hynes, Toby  
Hynes, Seth  
Jensen, Jonathan  
Kelley, Sean P.  
Kelly, David  
Kelly, Robert  
Kennedy Jr, Ted  
Kingston, John  
Kittredge, Todd  
Largay, Sheila K  
Lawrence, Samuel N  
Lawrence, William G  
Light, Jim  
Lincoln, Ralph M.  
Lotuff, Clark  
Lotuff, Joe  
Lyons, Charlie  
Lyons, Michael  
Martorana, Terry  
Mattoon, M. Chris  
McAvoy, Peter  
McDonough, John  
McManus, Lloyd  
McManus, Burt & Jeannie  
McManus, Scott  
Morse, Thomas  
Nickerson, Dede  
Osterville Historical Museum  
Small Boat Collection, Mystic Seaport  
O’Connor, Chris  
O’Neal, Joe  
O’Neal, Beth  
Piani, Federico  
Piani, Mauro  
WoodenBoat Publications  
Roach, Stewart  
Rowland, Margaret  
Ryley, John  
Sambuy, Yula  
Seckel, Brooke  
Shriver, Anthony  
Sykes, B. G.  
Sullivan, Peter  
Sylvester, Dr. Peter P.  
Trimble, David  
Trotto, Rick  
US Sailing  
Vallett, Christopher J.  
Williams, Mark  
Bass River Yacht Club  
Edgartown Yacht Club  
Stone Horse Yacht Club  
Wianno Yacht Club  
Hyannis Port Yacht Club  
Hyannis Yacht Club