Wianno Yacht Club Long Distance Race

Race Winners

Year Yacht Skipper
1916 Fantasy James G. Hinkle
1917 No Record
1918 Ethyl Melville
1919 No Record

Long Distance Challenge Cup
Presented by Commodore Edward C. Crossett
(Trophy Retired by James G. Hinkle)

Year Yacht Skipper
1920 A.P.H. W.P. Halliday
1921 Fantasy James G. Hinkle
1922 Tomboy Edward C. Crossett
1923 Fantasy James G. Hinkle
1924 Wendy Henry B. Day
1925 Water Nymph Fritz B. Talbot
1926 A.P.H. W.P. Halliday
1927 Tomboy Edward C. Crossett
1928 Ethyl Robert M. Roloson
1929 Wendy Henry B. Day
1930 Malolo Harry F. Stimpson
1931 Malolo Harry F. Stimpson
1932 Tomboy Edward C. Crossett
1933 Venture David D. Steere
1934 Gull C. McGregory Wells
1935 Moby Dick William R. Scott
1936 Quip Mrs. Kenneth Boyd
1937 Fiddler Mary Parlett
1938 Jolly Roger James A. Waller
1939 El Cid II John C. Kiley, Jr.
1940 Jivaro P. & D. Bauder
1941 Cave Canum Joseph P. Carney
1941-1945 No Races
1946 Fantasy James G. Hinkle

‘Tween Waters Trophy
Presented by Commodore John W. Hornor
(Retired by John C. Kiley, Jr.)

Year Yacht Skipper
1947 El Cid II John C. Kiley, Jr.
1948 Commy John Shafroth
1949 West Wind W.W. Sinclaire
1950 El Cid II John C. Kiley, Jr.
1951 Kypris Joseph Mattison, Jr.
1952 Kypris Joseph Mattison, Jr.
1953 Ruweido VII Gordon R. Beggs
1954 El Cid II John C. Kiley, Jr.
1955 Fire Chief Vincent R. Bailey
1956 Commy John Shafroth
1957 Bettayet Ross Richards
1958 Dungolphin Durban McGraw
1959 Marna John T. Fallon
1960 Bettayet Ross Richards
1961 No Record
1962 Venture David D. Steere
1963 Sovereign Harrison Bridge
1964 Venture David D. Steere
1965 Venture David D. Steere
1966 Victura Edward M. Kennedy
1967 Venture David D. Steere
1968 Invader Lewis J.H. Gunn
1969 No Record
1970 Venture David D. Steere
1971 No Record
1972 Kialoa John C. Kiley, III
1973 No Record
1974 Pertelote Boardman Lloyd
1975 Pertelote Francis V. Lloyd, III
1976 Invader Lewis J.H. Gunn
1977-1978 No Record
1979 Pertelote Boardman Lloyd
1980 Cirrus Alden Edmonds
1981 No Record
1982 Pertelote Boardman Lloyd
1983-1985 No Record
1986 Molly Alan T. McDonough
1987 Victura Edward M. Kennedy
1988 Cirrus Holly Edmonds

James G. Hinkle Long Distance Trophy
1920 Crossett Trophy Placed Back in Competition by the Hinkle Family

Year Yacht Skipper
1989 Cochenoe Andrew Pesek
1990 Marna John T. Fallon, Jr.
1991 Invader Lewis J.H. Gunn
1992 Invader Lewis J.H. Gunn
1993 Fantasy Joseph D. Hinkle
1994 Fantasy Joseph D. Hinkle
1995 Molly John T. McDonough
1996 Escapade Barry Plunkett, Jr.
1997 Cirrus Holly Edwards
1998 Chanzia Lloyd B. McManus, Jr.
1999 Molly John T. McDonough
2000 Yankee Dime Alden Edmonds
2001 Lucinda Chip Niehoff
2002 Cochenoe Donald F. Law, Jr.
2003 Lindy David McDonough
2004 Dauntless Jeffrey Tracy
2005 Aurora Karl Anderson
2006 Dauntless Jeffrey Tracy
2007 Mad Jack Jack Hamilton
2008 Mad Jack Jack Hamilton
2009 Pieces of 8 John Gregg
2010 Smoke Joe Lotuff
2011 No Race High Winds
2012 Aurora Matt Cannistraro
2013 Beltane Jim Cunningham
2014 Mad Jack Jack Hamilton
2015 Eowyn Timothy Wadlow
2016 Mad Jack Jack Hamilton
2017 Scout Sophie Pesek
2018 Eowyn Tim Wadlow
2019 Mad Jack Jack Hamilton
2020 Not sailed Covid-19 Pandemic
2021 Novanglus Greg Dempsey
2022 Three Sticks Peter McAvoy